Stone Creative

Convergence of Clarity and Creativity


Stone Creative

Convergence of Clarity and Creativity

our philosophy

We believe that we are created to create.

We believe that every single human being was created with a unique design that has the potential to make the world a better place. 

We want to make that potential come alive and become a practical outworking - so YOU can LIVE THE DREAM.

Our skill sets allow us to do this through communication and creativity.

Yes, we are brothers and we work really well together...well most of the time. 

But when it comes to creating space for people to explore their greatness...We are really good at that. 



We SEE creative solutions. By Converging passion, clarity and communication.



Because we VALUE Pro-Active innovation over Reactive Resentment and circumstantial pressure.

HOW it's DONE.


and how We achieve this, is through building relationships based on clear Communication and common values.




Andrew Stone

A sought-after speaker, with a unique communicative style, he directs the inspirational and motivational international speaking ministry for churches and not-for-profit organisations. Andrew lives to lead leaders into clarity, enabling them to bring Heaven to earth.

Andrew and Alison are also the founders of Stop Breathe Receive: Leadership Academy that strategically releases leaders into their marketplace mandate.

He has an amazing family - wife Alison, son Isaiah and daughter Elizabeth. 

They are the inspiration for life with passion and clarity.

Andrew has been public speaking since 9 years old and has been in leadership roles since 14.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business with a Double Major in Marketing and Advertising (Copy Writing).

Click here to visit Andrew's 'Art of Communication' Blog

Click here to visit Stop Breathe Receive: Leadership Academy

David stone - yes he's the more arty one...

David Stone is the person that makes all of our ideas a reality.

He is the creative edge to telling your story well and bringing creativity to your organisations story. 

He is well versed in all areas of production and has a keen eye for detail. Not only is he an amazing and gifted artist, but he knows how to impart and teach those skills to others. 

He has travelled the world and studied in New York, but loves and calls Brisbane home.

He graduated a Bachelor of Design with Honours and is currently studying his PhD. 

He believes that everyone is created to create, and lives to bring out the creative potential in everyone.

So if you're ready to take your creativity to the next level, connect with Dave and let him create the space for your dreams to come true.