A Message from Dr. Peter Little AO

Never has it been more important for each of us to develop our talents throughout our life, as globalisation and digital disruption impact heavily on our businesses and professional work. We should strive to nurture our leadership skills and constantly adapt our thinking to a fast-changing world. 

This requires us to learn constantly and be open to coaching and mentoring by others who are both suitably qualified and on the same journey. 

The team at Stone Creative: Leadership Group are just such people and their programs are so well targeted to those wanting to succeed in a world  of never ending change. I have been privileged to contribute to some of their programs and look forward to continuing an important journey together.

Professor Peter Little AO - Former Deputy Vice Chancellor of Queensland University of Technology and Order of Australia recipient.

 - executive team -

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director and managing consultant: ian stone

Ian Stone has accounting, finance and business management experience and is currently the CFO of an education based not-for-profit organisation. He serves as a director of several not-for-profit entities, and is our managing and governance business consultant. 

He has a bachelor's degree in Political Science (Honours) and Economics and a bachelor's degree in Business (Accounting). He also has an MBA and is a practising CPA. 

With his wealth of experience and natural leadership gifting he is the voice of wisdom to the Stone family, but also the inspiration to build an organisation that will be remembered for helping and building leaders. 

If you would like to book an appointment with Ian Stone please email:


senior leadership consultant: andrew stone

Andrew founded Stone Creative Leadership Group to create a proactive environment for leader's to converge their passion and clarity, personally and professionally.

Andrew has been in leadership roles within the community since his early teens and holds a Bachelors Degree in Business with a Double Major in Marketing and Advertising. He is also a member of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

He is currently serving as a leadership development and communications consultant for the education sector, faith based communities, leadership colleges and not-for-profit organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA.

A sought-after speaker, with a unique communicative style, Andrew travels the world from boardrooms to auditoriums with one purpose, to lead leaders into clarity enabling them to bring Heaven to Earth.

Connect with Andrew personally via email:

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general manager: jane hodges

Jane Hodges is key to the success to Stone Creative Leadership Group as she plans and co-ordinates our consultancies, seminars, events and team.

A skilled manager with an intuition for operations, eye for detail and excellence in serving our clients in an 'above and beyond' attitude is why we love having her on team. A forever optimist, there is nothing ever in the 'too difficult' basket for her.

Jane loves seeing people and organisations free of false expectations and anchors that hold them back.

Personally connect with Jane via email:

partner consultants

David Taylor Pic.jpg

entrepreneurship and strategic modelling: david taylor

David Taylor is the epitome of Entrepreneur having been raised in a business minded family. 

TreeTop Challenge is a multi-site adventure park based at the Gold Coast with an exciting expansion plan into the rest of Queensland and Australia. TreeTop Challenge are also the proud recipients of a Gold Coast Tourism 2017 Award.

He is currently an influential voice in the Gold Coast Tourism Sector and is on the cutting edge of innovation as they are on the road to becoming the largest outdoor adventure providers in Australia. David has a strategic mind that builds on the fundamental principles and frameworks of bringing a vision and idea to fruition.


leadership innovation and community engagement: Pele ramdhani

Pele Ramdhani is an international leader whose achievements include pioneering the global health and wellbeing brand Fitness First in Queensland making it not only a powerhouse brand but also building a statewide and national influence.

Pele is now the National Sales and Community Executive for Goodlife Healthclubs and the multi-cultural ambassador for the Gold Coast Suns AFL team and Brisbane Bullets Basketball Team.

He serves on the board of MDA - Multicultural Development Australia and is an influential and trusted voice when creating convergence between corporate, community and local and federal government initiatives.


team culture and performance: dr. ruth knight

Ruth Knight is a consultant, analyst and manager, a gifted team builder and leader with extraordinary skill and competence.

Ruth gained her PhD from QUT by studying organisational culture and change. This research has led her to coach organisations and leaders to develop engaged, adaptable and productive workplaces using the Dynamic People Management Framework that assists organisations to dramatically increase staff loyalty and productivity.

So if you are TEAM LEADER and want to increase the effectiveness and influence of your team you want to meet Dr. Ruth and let her create a space for your team success.


human centered design and communication: Ray bull

Ray has spearheaded creative work for some of the world’s most iconic brands including: Hewlett Packard, Porsche, Lucas Arts, News Corporation, BP, Qantas, Vodafone, Commonwealth Games, Telstra, Focus on the Family and International Justice Mission and many others.

Executing human-centred design means: Passionately engaged stakeholders. Beautifully considered communication. Meaningful brand connection.

Ray has been the keynote speaker for ‘Brands, Tribes and Faith’ - AdTech, Sydney and ‘How to build a Tribe’ - CMA Conference, Melbourne. Ray creates environments that allow you and your organization to gain clarity and strategy on telling your compelling 'story'.

AJ Masefau Profile.png

leadership life coaching and development: aj Masefau

A master practitioner in the field of life coaching, AJ uses positive psychology therapies and coaching strategies to provide positive momentum for change. AJ is also the co-founder and managing director of MAN-UP, a tailor-made early intervention program for males, from adolescent boys to mature adults.

AJ teaches a range of life skills in various settings, from personal to professional. From coaching emotional intelligence skills for leaders in transition to health and personal development for secondary school students.  These practical activities are designed to foster foundational skills in self-control, awareness and confidence— creating pro-active and protective environments for leaders overcoming anxiety, depression and anger. 

AJ has also worked for over 15 years in men’s mental health and suicide prevention. 

our philosophy and commitment

We are committed to be the midwife to your organisation's VISION!

We are the ones that understand the process and can see you through the transition and pain – your family and friends can hold your hand but we will be the ones telling you to PUSH. You’ll have to be vulnerable, but it's us that are willing to get our hands dirty.

You cannot give birth safely without a midwife that understands the process and the intuition to create the right environment.

It's your vision but we'll clean it up with 'CLARITY' and give it back to you - so you can see the beauty of what you were designed to carry.

Simply put - don't self-birth your vision.  Let us support you!

That's why we are constantly innovating so we can 'create the space for your dreams to come true', by providing you the right environment consultants and community to birth your dreams. 

In Purpose, Prosperity and the Pain in-between,

The Stone Creative Team

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