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preach. lead. transform


preach. lead. transform

legacy of love...

As a leadership organisation, we consider our faith to be an anchor of how we serve people and organisations. We also actively speak into the life and growth of churches across all denominations, knowing that, communities of faith that are healthy - bring love, life and leadership to the greater community around them.

So we count it a privilege to speak into your life and our hope and prayer is that you experience, encounter and have a fresh revelation of God’s Love for you, on earth as it is in heaven. 

As you receive God’s love for you, you embark on a journey that will transform the world around you and see a Kingdom of Heaven reality in your family, community, city and nation. 

We are passionate about leaving a legacy of Love, not just for our own family, but for yours.

We look forward to experiencing holistic transformation together. 

Andrew, Alison, Isaiah and Elizabeth.


Happy Friends

As if we are going to put cranky ones here :)

We don't have clients we have friends - always choosing joy and laughter through the journey of life to be the foundation of our story and yours.

Happy Friends

As if we are going to put cranky ones here :)

We don't have clients we have friends - always choosing joy and laughter through the journey of life to be the foundation of our story and yours.

Ian wright

national leader acts churches new zealand

Over the past year Andrew Stone has joined our team in Invercargill as a leadership consultant. To have someone commute from Australia to New Zealand every three weeks was new for us, and we found quickly, inspirational for so many others. Andrew brings his clear thinking and strategic insight to the table and we have seen a fresh formation of vision, people, and spirituality for our local church community.

Andrew's objective perspective, and engaging personality, have won many victories for us as we transitioned leaders and teams throughout the past few months. As he publicly leads and privately coaches, the integrity in the call of God on his life moves many others to reach higher and become increasingly more effective in their ministries.

Along with his wife Alison and their young family, Andrew is a leader's leader who understands the verities of life's routines and pressures and yet comes out time and again to inspire others 'to take the hill'.



'I have had the opportunity to sit under Andrew’s ministry on several occasions. He ministers with an exciting style that is easy to listen to. I have witnessed his zeal to search out the deep matters in the Word of God and his hard work to communicate this in a fresh and relevant way.

Andrew’s heart for people is truly evidence of his deep love for God. As a man, who has given his whole life to help others connect with God, Andrew is fulfilling his mission with great success.

I look forward to a lifetime of searching the Word of God and seeking the Heart of God with Andrew. He is truly a man who lives his message. His message reaches deep into the hearts of those who hear and produces lasting life change. I could not recommend him too highly'.

joy graetz

international speaker and author - AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES

I wholeheartedly endorse Andrew Stone as one of a new wave of Christian communicators - capable, committed and commissioned as a voice of quality to the Church and community. 

Andrew has honed his craft as a gifted and anointed communicator, the result of a life-style of listening and learning.  He has never wavered in his love and commitment to God and to the call of God on his life.  He is alive to creative possibilities; attune to Holy Spirit direction; greatly skilled in the formation of his message; and brilliant in delivery. 

Andrew is equally at home in the intensity of a small, mentoring room or on the platform of a large conference.  He can speak across a wide range of subjects to an equally wide-ranging audience. 

 I have been privileged to know Andrew for over 20 years.

Clark Taylor

founder of christian outreach centre and worship centre

It is my great privilege to write this endorsement for Pastor Andrew Stone and his ministry. 

Pastor Andrew worked beside me at WorshipCentre for many years and is a very capable speaker who was greatly loved by the church.  His dynamic delivery of the Word is from a fresh perspective that truly brings revelation.

He reaches every age group from teenagers to 90 year olds and is equally admired and loved by them all.

I have no doubt in saying he will be a blessing to your church.  He carries a very precious anointing of God, is fluent in the gifts of the Spirit, understands people and church life and carries a signifcant leadership gift.

ian slack 

director jerry savelle ministries australasia

Heritage of Faith Church Gold Coast was growing and we needed an external pair of eyes and the necessary professional skills to assist us in going to the next level in our destiny for God. 

Andrew's sensitivity in leading out process of growth and change but the Holy Spirit has seen us put in the place the necessary structure and processes that have already resulted in substantial and solid church growth. 

He has also been instrumental in seeing our leadership team grow in (a) their own personal ministries and (b) the co-ordinated team approach that produces the stability required in any congregation. 

In all of these changes everything has been achieved without moving us away from the very heart of the house upon which Heritage of Faith Church was founded, love, faith and prayer.

He comes to you with my highest recommendation. 

bronwen healy

FOUNDER of hope foundation

Andrew Stone is a lion chaser, mountain mover, World changer, dynamic communicator and a long-term dear friend of mine. 

In the past 10 years I have journeyed alongside him as he has surrendered, grown & become a man who now equips and empowers other leaders to become all that they were designed to be. A leader among leaders. 

Over the years I have witnessed Andrew speak, teach, lead, follow and love his wife and children. I commend him to you as a man of truth, honour & integrity.

He lives a limitless life and will inspire you to do the same!

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