Bios // Jenny Gilpin

Jenny Gilpin

Holistic Care and Not-for-profit Specialist

Domain Lead: Care

Jenny Gilpin was the founder of City Hearts, a UK charity that cared for over 3,500 clients and grew to a staff of 170 people, demonstrating that Jenny’s expertise is tried and tested in the real-world.

City Hearts also opened a partnership programme in Ghana and developed partnerships in Scotland and the Netherlands. From initially developing and gathering a committed team, to raising funds for the charity’s first home and further projects, Jenny’s vision and courage in pioneering, and her voice both steered and ensured that the organisation remained committed to the vulnerable people in its care. With Jenny at the helm City Hearts helped create the UK Government’s victim care legislation (that was eventually mirrored by the Australian Government) and was also a part of the training programme for students of The University of Sheffield, England to gain experience whilst studying related courses.

With personal experience in operating multi-million pound budgets every year, Jenny knows the in’s and out’s of management, team-care, resilience, and longevity. She is uniquely gifted in launching and establishing not-for-profit organisation. Her heart for people and her characteristic strong-but-soft demeanour make her a highly valuable voice in your journey.

Jenny leads our Holistic Wellness and Care Domain: you can jump right in at Care.

You can connect with Jenny personally, today, via email: [email protected].