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Holistic wellness and care

Leadership care: when wholeness flows from the top down

Or put another way: why everything we do, is really all about this  // 2 min read

Leadership care is whole-organisation care. And it’s something we deeply believe in.

The Care Domain may be the latest to join the Stone Creative Group, but it’s been a part of us all along: it’s in our DNA–our atmosphere.

We see it over and over again, in the great privilege and pleasure that it is to work with organisations in the way that we do–that wholeness flows from the top down.

We see clarity. We see creatively. We see wholeness.

Resilience. Sustainability. Progress over perfection. Intentionality. Fruitful routine. Self-awareness. Mental health. Stress management. Self compassion. Internal curiosity. Productivity. Agility. Healing. Human-centric growth. Time blocking. Positive culture. Spirituality. Health rhythms.

Stone Creative Group’s constant support and strategies were invaluable to our management team and the company. With their skilful advice we were able to lead the team through the difficult changes and become a stronger and healthier team and company. We would not be where we are today as a company if it were not for them. Their support, belief and development of me personally is truly priceless.

Stephen Lynch

Chief Executive Officer // Construction Training Institute

How we serve // Your holistic wellness and care

Just for a moment, we ask you to imagine…

Imagine feeling strong, resilient and capable.

Imagine having a safe space of talk, off-load, brainstorm, and process.

Imagine showing up with clarity and health, to lead your team into clarity and health.

Imagine feeling unlocked to carry out your organisation’s calling—with agility and positivity.

Imagine having someone you can call on, to provide professional support and care for your team member, during a time of great personal challenge or difficulty.

Imagine receiving the permission to care for yourself, and be cared for, along the way.

This could be your future.

When you take care of yourself, you take care of your team, your organisation, and your mission. Leadership care is whole-organisation care. We work with you, your team, and your organisation by going on the journey together.

Your future // Our Care Domain

The Care Domain is led by Jenny Gilpin. Jenny is also a specialist in the Not-for-Profit space. 

You can find out more about Jenny’s story by heading to Bio.

Taking care of an organisation and its people is our highest calling”

Andrew Stone, Founder