About Us

Our Mission

The journey of leadership, progress, and even life, can be a lonely one.

We stand for something better: for going the journey with you.

We believe in you, and for you: in your organisation, in the people you lead, in your community and mission.

And we believe that clarity and creativity are the journey’s touchstones.

That’s why it’s our mission to help leaders and their organisations discover clarity—and in doing so, their future. We see clarity. We see creativity. We see wholeness.

Our Story

From a young age, and as a young leader, Andrew Stone inherently understood that organisational culture is all about people. And as people, leaders of organisations need support, encouragement, equipping and community. In 2012, Andrew founded Stone Creative: Leadership Group to create a proactive environment for leaders to converge their passion and clarity, personally and professionally.

Our journey since then is one of growth and expansion, always with a posture of leaning in, to new and tangible ways we can to help leaders and their organisations unlock their futures.

In our work, with you, we daily live out our own maxim: when clarity and creativity merge.

Our Community

The Stone Creative family–our team, clients and community–is as diverse as the people that fill the earth. Which is not all that surprising when you consider that, underneath it all, our mission is ultimately about care for people. We help people—and the teams, organisations, and communities they lead—in all sectors and industries, across corporate, community, education and not-for-profit groups. From large to small to medium-sized, if your organisation is run by people, we can help you.

Our Team

People are important to us. Whether it’s your team—or our team—there’s no exception.

Stone Creative Group is peopled by exceptional, creative, strategic, warm, genuine human beings. And they are always looking forward to meeting you.

Find out more about us and our stories:

Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone

Founder, Senior Leadership & Communications Consultant

Domain Lead: Leadership

In everything he does Andrew is insightful, dynamic, and personable–and Andrew’s heart for people is where it all began. To hear more about Andrew’s journey and his expertise, check out his Bio.

Pele Ramdhani

Pele Ramdhani

Senior Leadership Coach & Global Development Consultant

Domain Lead: Growth

When Pele is invited into a room, he carries with him a deep well of expertise in understanding and intuiting situations and people. Pele lives to take people to the next level, us included. To learn more about Pele’s story and extensive expertise, read his Bio.

Tony Lunnon

Tony Lunnon

Senior Creative

Domain Lead: Creative

Tony’s eye for detail and thoughtful innovation in branding and identity work is his signature. And his clients love him! To find out more about Tony’s background and the care he has for his clients and his craft, read his Bio.

Jenny Gilpin

Jenny Gilpin

Holistic Care and Not-for-profit Specialist

Domain Lead: Care

Jenny was the founder of a UK charity that cared for over 3500 clients and grew to a staff of 170 people. She specialises in launching and establishing Not-for-profit organisations, and also shepherds our Care Domain with her unique and brilliant strong-but-soft demeanour. Find out more about Jenny, check out her Bio.

Vanessa Kirkegaard

Vanessa Kirkegaard

Senior Communications Officer

Vanessa, or Ness to us, brings a uniquely blended background of corporate and community to the table–and she’s an advocate for exceptional communication. With a background in both corporate law AND English Literature, Ness’ warm personality and exceptional skills bring words to life!

Renae Moore

Renae Moore

Administration Manager

Renae is one of those rare and exceptional human packages of heart and help–and she certainly keeps us all together! Equipped with her signature big smile, and big heart too, Renae makes your life better.

Kristy Milne

Kristy Milne

Creative Associate & Marketing Strategist

Marketing and graphic design enthusiast, Kristy has a passion for visually interpreting messages in a way that best promotes an organisation’s services, products, and brands. And she’s a lovely human being. You’ll find her toiling away at all things marketing and creative.

Lee Tester

Lee Tester

Creative Project Manager & Website Guru

Lee’s forte is customer service and web solutions that break down the jargon of the online world. Family Man, Techie, Creative, Thinker, Innovator. We love working with Lee, and you will too!

The heart of Stone Creative is to understand you and your audience and communicate effectively and with clarity.

Tony Lunnon, Lead Creative