Bios // Pele Ramdhani

Pele Ramdhani

Senior Leadership Coach & Global Development Consultant

Domain Lead: Growth

When Pele is invited into a room, he carries with him a deep well of expertise in understanding and intuiting situations and people.

Combined with his rare posture of gentle command and authority, Pele’s knowledge and years of experience enable him to insightfully assist individuals to unpack self-awareness and resilience, right through to masterfully moderating the ebb & flow of executive meetings and complex inter- personal interactions.

Pele’s intrinsic ability to adaptively respond to an organisation and its peoples’ unique needs—and then insightfully challenge and promote positive change—make him an invaluable touchstone to any organisation postured for growth or development of any form or on any level.

Pele is an international leader whose achievements include pioneering the global health and wellbeing brand Fitness First in Queensland, and most recently leading the growth of Goodlife Health Clubs, making them not only a powerhouse brand but also building statewide and national high performing teams. He has spent the last decade as the executive growth strategist in the FLG group and their board.

Pele is an honoured leader within the multicultural community: he served on the board of Multicultural Development Australia and as Diversity and Culture Officer for the Gold Coast Suns and Brisbane Bullets.

He is an influential and trusted voice when creating convergence between corporate, community and local and federal government initiatives.

Pele is the Domain Lead for our astute and dynamic Business Development & Growth Domain.

You can connect with Pele personally, today, via email: [email protected].