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Why business development & growth is always the right choice

Or put another way: How we can help your organisation, onwards and upwards // 2 min read.

If the Leadership Domain is the heartland of Stone Creative Group, then our Growth Domain would be the horizon. A place to always look to, with energy and excitement, and press steadily and steadfastly towards.

Growth in an organisation comes in many forms. We believe in people and business development and growth: in a holistic approach.

It’s the primary goal of our Growth Domain team that you would experience abundance in your organisation: in the health of your executive team and people; in your skills, abilities and leadership; in your reach and mastery of Sales; in your impact as an organisation, now and in the future. It’s our lived experience that when you grow your people, business development always follows.

Business development flourishes when you understand and can analyse the ‘Season of Business’ you’re currently in. At Stone Creative Group we do just that–and then also help you step out boldly towards the horizon, before walking alongside you step-by-step in the big vision and the small everyday.

As an external, highly-experienced consultant who feels like one of your own, and is directly accessible and agile to your organisation’s leadership, Pele and his team are available to help take you to the next level. Astute analysis, dynamic strategy and personal self-discovery are the hallmarks of the business development and growth journey with Stone Creative Group

Executive Coaching. Sales Mastery. High-performance Ecosystems. Growth Modelling. Sustainable Corporate Goals. Executive-level Soundboarding. Professional Development. Values-driven Leadership Models. Corporate health checks. Integrated Marketing Modality. Goal setting. Global Partnership & Expansion. Business resilience.

“We have engaged with Stone Creative Group in a number of ways over the last few years.

Andrew has delivered a Manager’s training session for us, which was filled with insight and practical takeaways.

Andrew and Pele have also delivered a number of sessions at The Banyans Residence around goal setting and personal vision. We have always received excellent feedback from every session.”

Ruth Limkin

Managing Director // The Banyans Healthcare

How we serve // your growth journey and organisation

Just for a moment, we ask you to imagine…

Imagine feeling emboldened to tackle the future from a place of holistic leadership and clarity.

Imagine understanding the nuance of the NOW and NEXT of your business Season.
Imagine having the benefit of a historically-proven leadership-, team-, and whole organisation-Coach that always cheers you on.

Imagine having a safe and secure space for you and your executive team to high-level sound-board and strategic plan.

Imagine skillfully executing Sales Mastery, whilst building a high-performing team, a values-driven leadership model, and developing Sustainable Corporate Social Goals.

This could be your future.

Your future // our business development & growth domain

The Growth Domain is led by Senior Leadership Coach & Global Development Consultant Pele Ramdhani.

You can find out more about Pele’s impressive background and past experience by heading to his Bio.

It’s always about creating culture: the activating principles – the WHAT – and the coaching – the HOW TO. Everything is about care and community.

Pele Ramdhani, Senior Leadership Coach & Global Development Consultant