Why your pain point or growth areas need more than a business solution

Or put another way: how we can help // 3 minute read

When you look at your organisation, do you see the answer to your biggest pain point—or area of growth or challenge—confined to a particular business solution?

Sometimes this is the case. Sometimes, it’s a bit more complicated. And sometimes, you don’t even know where to start!

Organisation Culture. Creative Narrative. Business Growth. Online Presence. Branding Identity. Leadership. Digital Marketing. Strategic Planning. Coaching.


Each of these business solutions are found at the Stone Creative Group.

But what we do for our clients, is so much more than a simple business solution.

We live and breathe organisations. And love the leaders that lead them.

In essence: if you’re a human, we can help you

Vanessa Kirkegaard, Senior Communications Officer


“Never has it been more important for each of us to develop our talents throughout our life, as globalisation and digital disruption impact heavily on our businesses and professional work. We should strive to nurture our leadership skills and constantly adapt our thinking to a fast-changing world.

This requires us to learn constantly and be open to coaching and mentoring by others who are both suitably qualified and on the same journey.
The team at Stone Creative: Leadership Group are just such people and their programs are so well targeted to those wanting to succeed in a world of never ending change. I have been privileged to contribute to some of their programs and look forward to continuing an important journey together”.
Professor Peter Little AO // Former Deputy Vice Chancellor of Queensland University of Technology and Order of Australia recipient.

Who We Serve

Underneath it all, our mission is ultimately about care for people and their future. Because every organisation, business, or team—across industry, sector or type—is ultimately built of people. If you’re a Leader, Executive, Principal, Volunteer Managing Director, CEO, Business Owner, or Entrepreneur, we are for you. And not just for you, but your team, organisation, and community; your vision and mission.

Our holistic business solutions cross all sectors and industries, from corporate, community, education, and not-for-profit groups. From education & training, health & wellness, professional services, tourism, religious organisations, construction. From large organisation to SMEs.

Andrew Stone recently presented to our teacher and student public speaking workshop and his effective communication to such a diverse group of people of differing ages and knowledge levels was most impressive. Andrew uses stories to inspire, facts to interest, and warmth and humour to connect effectively with his audience. I was especially impressed that he ensured that each audience member left with practical, clear takeaways to use in the future when it is their turn to speak with an audience.

Caroline Hatcher

Emeritus Professor // QUT Business School and Board Member of the English Speaking Union

Corporate. Education. Not-For-Profit.
Health and Wellbeing. Insurance. Construction. SME

Why We Serve

Leading an organisation can feel like a lonely business.

It can also feel stressful, exhilarating, exhausting, confusing, empowering—all at the same time.

Have you ever asked //

What actually is SEO, and how should we be using it?

What organisational strategies should we use for high-performing team retention, growth and longevity?

I’m not sure about my brand… in fact, do I even have a brand?

Help! How do we translate our governance and leadership team, to overcome confusion, stagnation and lack of momentum incongruent with our vision/mission?

I feel like I am floundering as a leader, and I don’t know where to turn: what should I do?

It’s our mission to help leaders and their organisations discover:


We see clarity. We see creativity. We see wholeness.

Each of the above pain points, areas of growth or challenge, or simple query, has been presented to us by one of our clients, in recent years. You are not alone. And we are here to help you. Stone Creative Group is your business solution.

And, incidentally, each of the above topic key areas – Leadership, Growth, Creative and Wholeness – align with one of the specialist Stone Creative Group Domains.

How We Serve

Andrew Stone, founder of the Stone Creative Group, often describes what we do for our clients  as “the CEO for The CEO – a place to turn when, as the leader, you don’t know where else to go”.

At Stone Creative Group we use a variety of strategic tools, matrices, and diagnostics to understand your story, and record the journey. Our artefacts and solutions are designed to be repeatable and scalable. Our work is backed by considered, tried and tested methodologies and practices – so you can have immense confidence in what you’re doing, and where we’re going, together.

As a team, the Stone Creative Group, operates as an holistic ecosystem: different fields of specialty and expertise, that work both individually and hand-in-hand to achieve clarity and creativity. If you’re curious to know what this all really means, find out at our Domains.

Yes, we are in the business of business solutions. A team of specialists at the ready.

But ultimately, our highest-level solution, or overarching methodology, is always to ask: how do we serve you.

Often this means ‘getting in the trenches’ with you; walking the journey by your side; and caring for, and working with, you and your people. Ensuring you are seen, and heard, and understood.

Sometimes it means translating you. Or being a conduit: from the ‘dreamed-of’ to the real-life actual. Of being your advocate – to your team, or the marketplace – for your organisation’s vision, passion, and purpose.

At the end of the day, we believe in you, and for you. And we exist to create a better world for you.

To get a tangible feel for how we might be able to help you and your organisation, explore our wide-variety of Services specifically designed to bring holistic organisation clarity to your organisation.

“We connect to the care behind the work you do”

Andrew Stone, Founder