Why “online services for business” are not the solution you need for your organisation.

Or put another way: why we offer holistic organisation clarity // 2 minute read

In a marketplace that is rapidly adapting, expanding and changing, finding the foundational key to success for your organisation is essential. 

And while it’s tempting to seek a “magic fix” through online services or offers for your business or organisation, this will only take you so far

Because holistic organisation clarity is the real answer.

At Stone Creative Group, we offer a comprehensive list of face-to-face and online services for business: exceptional products, outcomes, tools, and solutions that will enhance your organisation, for now and the future.

But we also offer so much more.

As Founder and Senior Leadership and Communications Consultant, Andrew Stone famously says: “If I could offer you and your organisation one thing, it would be clarity”.

Clarity is the foundational touchstone to any in-person solution or online service for business – for any organisation.


Enabling organisations to achieve holistic organisation clarity is why we exist.


Because once you have clarity, you can also have creativity – of the productive and purposeful kind – and also, ultimately, wholeness. We see it over and over again in our work: an organisation with holistic organisation clarity, powered creatively, is enabled to know, achieve and exceed their vision, mission, and purpose.

To find out more about why we exist, be sure to check out our story at About Us.

The Stone Creative Difference // An Ecosystem

Helping leaders and their organisation unlock clarity, is the driving passion that permeates all service offerings at the Stone Creative Group.

In fact, it’s so central to what we do that it determines how we operate.

We operate within an ecosystem of specialist Domains: respective fields of expertise within our team, that overlap and interconnect to form the full, comprehensive landscape of our face-to-face and online services for business.

Each Domain team operates within its realm of specialist knowledge, education and experience, led by the respective Domain Leader. Each Domain offers a comprehensive list of products and services.

Together, our Domains, form a comprehensive collective of expertise—ranging across all key areas of business services and solutions. Our Domains work hand-in-hand to ensure seamless transitions and efficiency are hallmarks of the journey. They are designed to go together.

Rest assured, the face-to-face or online service for business that you need in your organisation today, may not touch every part of the Stone Creative Group ecosystem, but each individual product or service is geared towards our mission: unlocking clarity // expanding creativity // finding wholeness.

Our Domains work across all sectors and industries, from corporate, community, education and not-for-profit groups; from large to SMEs.

Wherever you find yourself—as a leader or organisation, in life or leadership or business—you will find yourself, somewhere in the Stone Creative Group ecosystem”

Vanessa Kirkegaard, Senior Communications Officer

The Stone Creative Difference // Our Domains

The Stone Creative Group Ecosystem is founded in:

Andrew Stone

Pele Ramdhani

Tony Lunnon

Jenny Gilpin

“Andrew and the Stone Creative Group are nothing short of amazing! Andrew and I instantly clicked, and he immediately understood my needs and how to help. Stone Creative Group is responsive, organised, innovative and brilliant at what they do. If I could summarise in two words their unique contribution to the world, they would be clarity and foresight. Stone Creative Group has a unique capacity to help leaders and their teams bring their value to the world. I recommend Andrew and Stone Creative Group without reservation!”

Matthew Kutz, Ph.D. – Clinical Professor, Florida International University

Award-winning author of Contextual Intelligence: How Thinking in 3D Can Help Resolve Complexity, Uncertainty and Ambiguity

We see clarity. We see creativity. We see wholeness.


Each Domain provides a key entry point to the Stone Creative journey. And each Domain can lean into each other. All in pursuit of the same thing: a clear perspective that will create your future.

Stone Creative is a place where people are re-invigorated – inspired and encouraged, to do the work that they do”

Andrew Stone, Founder